Research and Development Project with UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina)

Production of green H2 for industrial applications, energy storage, electromobility and decarbonization of the Amazon (Ammonia and Agro-Photovoltaic). 

The cooperation project with GIZ has a budget of 2.3 million euros for several activities, such as the construction of a laboratory for the production and use of green H2 and its derivatives, to be produced from the production of solar photovoltaic electricity and water electrolysis.

The project aims to prove the concept of a green H2 production plant with PV energy and its use in the production of electricity by a fuel cell that can be replicated and expanded in a general way in any region. More specifically, in the Amazon region where the use of Diesel predominates. Thus, replication is aimed at producing green H2 on a commercial basis and promoting the decarbonization of energy production. Other activities include :

  • Identification of innovative applications and challenges using green H2.
  • NH3 production system from green H2.
  • Analysis of the environmental and economic technical feasibility of green H2 in the context of the decarbonization of the Amazon.
  • Publication of results and training of human resources.
  • Capacity building and exchange with German universities.

Construção Laboratório de H2V na UFSC.