Training and Human Resources 

People who are part of the entire green hydrogen value chain and its derivative products are also one of H2Brasil’s concerns. This work front acts to strengthen and prepare the human and technical capacities of Brazilian actors in professional education and higher education in the field of H2V/PtX to support the growth of the Brazilian domestic market – always focusing on the inclusion of young people and women.

Activities of this work front

  • Support in the survey of professional profiles in the subject of H2V and PtX.
  • Support to Professional Education networks (such as Sistema S and Federal Network) in the development of Curriculum Designs and Didactic Materials for courses of different levels (from Qualification to Graduate Programs).
  • Partnership with German University (TH Köln) in the subject of vocational education in H2V and PtX.
  • Selection of Multipliers for training in H2V and PtX of the Sistema S and Federal Network.
  • Organization of Technical Visits to Germany on the Impact of the H2V and PtX Economy on Vocational Technica Education.

Education and Trainings

  •  Training of Multipliers (Professors and Researchers) in H2V and PtX.
  • Training for Inmetro in H2V, Safety and Certification.
  • Training for Regulatory Agencies and Public Companies such as BNDES and EPE in H2V and PtX.


  • Study on Demand for Professionals by the Labor Market (to be released in early 2023 by SENAI).

Partner Initiatives

Establishment of laboratories for a Center of Excellence (RN) and five other regional hubs (BA, CE, PR, SC and SP) in H2V by Senai Network.

Coordination of the Human Resources Development Chamber of PNH2 by representatives of MEC (SETEC).

International bid for the acquisition of equipment for H2V and PtX educational laboratories.