Research and Development Project with UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Research and Development of green H2 & PtX, compression, storage and hydrogen applications for fuel cell urban mobility.

The Green Hydrogen project in cooperation with GIZ “Renewable Hydrogen Production, Compression, Storage and Utilization in Energy and Mobility Systems” has a budget of 1.2 million euros aimed at identifying and analysing the use of green hydrogen in industrial processes, electricity production and the search for sustainable alternatives. Another component of the project includes the involvement of partners for the widespread acceptance and adoption of this technology. Activities also include:

  • Laboratory installation and equipment to produce Green H2.
  • Development of SOFC.
  • Use of Green H2 in fuel cells.
  • Assessment of the technical and economic feasibility of the bioethanol reform with a view to its scale of use.
  • Development of catalysts for the production of e-fuels and e-chemicals, more specifically aviation fuel.
  • Analysis of the life cycle of H2 production from different routes.
  • Feasibility analysis of the use of Green H2 in micro mobility, more specifically in H2 bicycles.
  • Capacity building and exchange with German universities.