International strategies and roadmap

Check out the main international strategies and political actions, with the regional mappings, to promote and support the internationalization of Brazilian companies, namely for those who are not based in the major cities.


Uzbekistan to develop hydrogen technology and economy

Country: Uzbekistan

The Presidency of Uzbekistan has launched a decree aimed at developing the technology and economy of hydrogen, as well as renewable energies, in order to be able to unite the two and produce green hydrogen. In addition, the decree allows the creation of the National Institute of…

US launches investment plan for H2

Country: United States

The United States is launching a new investment plan to support the production of green hydrogen and fuel cell trucks. The amount of US $ 100 million is expected to be mobilized in 5 years.

United States launches hydrogen roadmap

Country: United States

The roadmap emphasizes the versatility of hydrogen as a facilitator of the renewable energy system and describes five main segments of the economy where hydrogen can play a role in this transition – transport, power generation and network balancing, fuel for industry, feed…

UK will present permitted H2 content in the gas network

Country: UK

The United Kingdom will present a new hydrogen target in the gas networks, to boost the use of H2 in the economy. So far, companies have accepted a mixture of 0.1% H2.

UK distilleries toast support to ‘go green’

Country: United Kingdom

The UK government will finance the country’s distilleries to transition from fossil to low carbon fuels. The funding of £ 10 million will be split among 17 distilleries.

The Ontario Government announces plan to develop a hydrogen economy

Country: Ontário

The Ontario government launched a public consultation aimed at developing the region’s first hydrogen strategy with the collaboration of the public, companies, municipalities, indigenous communities, and stakeholders in the development of the hydrogen economy.

The Government of Portugal signed MOU with the European Investment Bank to move forward with hydrogen

Country: Portugal

Portugal signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Investment Bank (EIB), so that it can have financing on its projects and advance the country’s investments in hydrogen and thus be able to promote the development of the hydrogen economy.

Tasmania’s Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan is launched

Country: Tasmânia

The Tasmanian government discloses the report on the Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan, outlining four main pillars for the plan and also describes the site as a promise to become Australia’s epicenter of renewable hydrogen.

Smart Energy Council secures international partner for green hydrogen certification scheme

Country: Australia, Germany

Australia’s Smart Energy Council will partner with the German Energy Agency to create a certification for renewable hydrogen production. The proposal also includes ammonia and other green fuels.

Senator Brad Hawkins prefiles bill to promote hydrogen-powered vehicles in the State of Washington

Country: USA, Washington

The Washington state senator introduced a bill that establishes a gradual tax reduction on sales of electric and fuel cell vehicles over 8 years.

Scotland: Wood and SGN to develop decarbonization roadmap

Country: Scotland

O projeto North East Network & Industrial Cluster desenvolverá um roteiro prático que auxiliará às redes de gás existentes e futuras no processo de descarbonização, com a meta de fornecer 100% hidrogênio.

Scotland to fund green hydrogen

Country: Scotland

The Hydrogen Policy Declaration published in Scotland guarantees £ 100 million funding for the hydrogen sector over 5 years and aims to, by 2030, generate 5 GW of renewable hydrogen. The declaration will support Scotland’s green recovery and energy transition.

Saudi Arabia’s Plan To Dominate The $700B Hydrogen Export Market

Country: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, one of the largest oil exporters in the world, recognizes the potential of green hydrogen and aims to produce it on a large scale, knowing the potential that the country has in producing large amounts of renewable energy. Saudi Arabia has a competitive advantage due…

Russia to become hydrogen exporter

Country: Rússia

Although hydrogen is an energy vector that has its high-cost technologies, Russia claims to plan, over time, the production of hydrogen, as well as the export of its technologies.

Russia creates hydrogen consortium

Country: Rússia

Russia can become a leader in the field of hydrogen energy and, to achieve this goal, a hydrogen consortium was created in the country, with the aim of developing all the technology in its chain.

Plans submitted for 38 new hydrogen stations in Spain

Country: Spain

Plans for 38 new hydrogen refuelling stations have been presented to the Spanish Government, carried out by Utilities company Naurgy.

National Hydrogen Strategy

Country: Germany

Green hydrogen is described as “the oil of tomorrow”, indispensable for the energy transition and opens up new markets for us. The strategy aims to make Germany a global pioneer in the field.

MEPs back natural gas as a ‘bridge’ to 100% renewable hydrogen

Country: Europe

The European Parliament (EP) defends the use of natural gas associated with carbon capture and storage technology while the cost of green hydrogen is not competitive.