Do you want to know what are the main accomplished and ongoing projects on green hydrogen in Brazil and around the world? In this page, you navigate through the geographic distribution and stay on top of the range of countries that invest in the technology.


India launches hydrogen alliance

country/region: India

area of application: Production

Given the growth of hydrogen due to the decarbonization that the energy transition seeks, India, a country with great potential for renewable energy production, launched its alliance, which is a coalition of global and Indian companies that aims to build the economy of green…

Gaussin designs H2-powered tractor to decarbonize logistics

country/region: France

area of application: Mobility

Gaussin, an engineering company that designs, assembles and markets innovative products and services in the area of transportation and logistics, has designed a hydrogen-powered tractor that is autonomous and will be destined for the logistics area, to be able to decarbonize the…

Loop Energy and Bayo Tech team up to boost hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure

country/region: USA

area of application: Mobility

Loop Energy and Bayo Tech have signed an agreement to boost hydrogen vehicles and supply infrastructure. The idea of the partnership is to simplify the adoption of hydrogen electric solutions, developing market opportunities for deployment of vehicles manufactured by Loop’s…

EWE explores underground hydrogen storage

country/region: Germany

area of application: Storage

The HyCAVmobil project developed by EWE and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) should test 100% pure hydrogen storage in underground salt caves. The salt cave is being built in Rüdersdorf, Germany, to store 100% hydrogen and will cost €10 million ($11.9 million).

Vattenfall JV starts construction of installation for H2 storage

country/region: Sweden

area of application: Storage

SSAB, LKAB, Vatterfall Hybritm and Hybrit Development AB are starting construction of a 100 cubic meter hydrogen storage facility in a closed rock cave approximately 30 meters below ground.

New catalyst produces hydrogen during wastewater treatment

country/region: China

area of application: Research, Technology

Researchers at ACS ES&T Engineering have developed a catalyst capable of producing hydrogen from the decomposition of medicines and other compounds present in wastewater. To make the catalyst, the researchers coated titanium dioxide crystals in a nanoscale with a thin layer…

Brazil: Cegás studies how to insert H2 in natural gas distribution

country/region: Brazil

area of application: Transport

The Gas Company of Ceará (Cegás) is carefully analyzing the percentage of H2V that can be injected into the gas network, since the distributor has three types of materials constituting the pipes and it is necessary to know how each of these components will react to hydrogen.

Brazil: Eletrobras, Siemens Energy and Cepel partner for H2V

country/region: Brazil

area of application: Research

Eletrobras, Siemens Energy and Cepel signed a memorandum establishing a joint study to achieve mastery of the complete technological cycle of green hydrogen in Brazil, addressing production to consumption. The goal is that with the data obtained by the study, companies can move…

Enbridge will use H2 to become a green company

country/region: Canada

area of application: Production

Enbridge has set a goal for its operations to have negative net emissions by the year 2050, and for this to happen, the use of hydrogen will be essential. Thus, in one of its projects, Enbridge is producing green hydrogen and mixing with natural gas in pipelines.

Italian Agency ENEA will coordinate an innovative project for a solid oxide electrolyzer

country/region: Italy

area of application: Production, Research

The Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), will coordinate a consortium of 9 partners to develop an innovative solid oxide electrolyzer (SOE). The prototype will be 25kWe, capable of producing 15kg of hydrogen per day.

Germany: Fraunhofer IKTS develops technology to separate H2 from natural gas

country/region: Germany

area of application: Research

Germany has pipelines that are not suitable for transporting only hydrogen, so it needs to mix hydrogen with natural gas. However, there is no efficient technology to be able to separate, in its final use, the gases. In this sense, Fraunhofer IKTS has developed a technology that…

Tokyo will use waste to produce hydrogen

country/region: Japan

area of application: Production

A Japanese company is carrying out a project that will produce about 40 to 50 kg / day of hydrogen produced with waste, which is enough to supply a quantity of 10 vehicles powered by fuel cells per day. Although in small quantities, it will supply part of the demand for hydrogen…

North Sea to produce hydrogen in Denmark

country/region: Denmark

area of application: Production

Recounting its experience and with the aim of increasing green energy consumption in your country’s headquarters and including hydrogen, Orsted, a mining company, plans to build a 2 gigawatt wind farm in the North Sea and connect to a plant with an electrolysing capacity of…

Franco-Spanish project to create H2V infrastructure

country/region: France, Spain

area of application: Production, Transport

The Lacq Hydrogen project, established in French and Spanish territory, is being developed by Enagás and Teréga, with the objective of exporting renewable hydrogen through the construction of pipelines and will study the production and supply of hydrogen from Spain to France.

South Africa: Anglo American explores hydrogen valley opportunity

country/region: South Africa

area of application: Production

Anglo American will collaborate to develop the hydrogen valley in the platinum-rich Bushveld geological area in South Africa. The valley will be spread over about 835 km at the Anglo American metal mine near Mokopane in the province of Limpopo.

Chile: Company Launches Green Hydrogen Accelerator

country/region: Chile

area of application: Production

The Chilean company Energy Sustainability Agency (AgenciaSE) has launched the Green Hydrogen Accelerator initiative that will act in conjunction with the National Green Hydrogen Strategy, with the aim of promoting the production and export of H2V.

IEA: Project to decarbonize maritime transport

country/region: Europe

area of application: Industry, Mobility

The International Energy Agency is developing a project called H2ports to accelerate the energy transition process of the port industry in Europe. The project started in 2019 and is expected to be developed by 2022.

Denmark to build artificial island for power generation

country/region: Denmark

area of application: Production

Denmark is to construct an artificial island In the North Sea, the first of its kind in the world, to accommodate a 10 GW power station. The Danish government plans within 30 years, equipment will be installed to produce hydrogen from sea water, using excess capacity. The…